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Innsbruck Videos St.Anton Videos
This one from You Tube gives a great overview of Innsbruck in Summer. Whats more it has accompanying music. Well this was uploaded to You Tube sometime toward the end of winter it seems.  However we have inluded it because it shows things to do. St Anton from You Tube. This is a great video and why not? It was made by the St. Anton Tourist Office.. Well this is more like a slide show but we thought you would like it anyway. It is also from You Tube and it shows a lot of the scenes in St. Anton summer.
Kitzbuhel Videos Lech Zürs Videos
Well here's a good one found on You Tube. If you look at the end of it you will see who made it and the site it comes from. A great addition though.  You know who Hans Hinterseer was or is? Well he was a ski racer now turned film maker and singer. We got this from You Tube and figured you would like it. This is a great one. It too was found on You Tube abd it is truly good. It says in  German more time and more space.
Whose gonna dany it?
 Well here's one about river rafting in Lech. Try it if you have the nerve?
Salzburg Videos Vienna Videos
The Salzbury video listed here was, taken form You Tube. It seems to be in a language I do not understand but it shows Salzburg in summer. This one is in Thai and it too was on line with You Tube. It also shows how great Salzburg is in summer. This ine we found on You Tube date 2009. However it is good and it shows the highlights of Vienna. This is called Vienna Summer Trip and although we found it on You Tubs and although it shows more of the guys and girls in it, we thought it was worthy of this space.
Zell am See Kaprun Videos Solden Videos
This one is in English and German and we think it was made by the Tourism Office. Anyway we found it on You Tube and think it is great. It tells lots.  This one also from You Tube tells more about Zell am See than it does for Kaprun. Anyway it's good and we dvise you to see it. Solden is in Tirol right? Well we found this in You Tube that gives you a look not only at Solden but at other points in Tirol. This You Tube video shows not only Solden but also the background of Oetztal which Solden is oart of.
Waidring Videos St Johann Videos
Well we found this video on You Tube but it seems like it has been done by the Tourism Office in St Johann. Anyway it has lots of info. This is too from You Tube but it is not about Kirchdorf (I taught skiing there) but it is about wandering in Tirol. So be it. This video form You Tube seems that is  has to do only with Steinplatte.  Does that surprise you? The only one we could find on You Tube was this one on the Rodelbahn. Hope you like it.
Swiss Travel Videos Austrian Travel Videos Italian Travel Videos France Travel Videos
The Jungfrau Video
The Jungfraujoch video is an eye-popping example of Swiss beauty. Billed as “the top of Europe”, the Jungfrau is a treat for all visitors. This video takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning your trip and is a real stunner. View here.

Interlaken/ Grindelwald Video
With just a smattering of exciting Interlaken scenes and a much more complete view of the superb resort of Grindelwald and surrounds this is a magnificent video tour de force. Helped by the staggering mountains that tower over Grindelwald, the makers of this video took advantage of the beautiful town and surroundings.
View here.

Lake Geneva Area Video
There is no better view in all of Europe than that around the Lake of Geneva. Viewed from many angles and many small and larger villages, this splendid video takes you along the lake from Geneva to Montreaux. Naturally the lake is there all year, but summer is the best time to see, swim, dine and just hang out.
View here.

Portes Du Soliel Video
This video in the German language provides much information for the area known as the Portes Du Soleil. This video covers activity suggestions for both summer and winter. It is prepared and presented by the Swiss Tourism Board.
View here

Switzerland Summer Video
This video is a dandy. It does not concentrate on any single aspect, destination or sport in Switzerland. Instead it provides an overall picture of this small country full of mountains. Here though there is a generous helping of Swiss lakes and mountains. Worth seeing if you are thinking of visiting Switzerland. View here.

Zermatt Video,
The Matterhorn

Its hard to describe the stunning beauty and power of the Matterhorn. has found a great video that does just that. view here

Zermatt Video,
The Village

There is much to see and do in Zermatt as, we hope you will find on this page. If not, have a look at this fantastic Zermatt Video. view here

Zermatt Matterhorn Musical video
We found this one on the Switzerland Tourism site. It features our friend Dan Danelli, properitor of Chez Heini Restaurant in Zermatt singing his praises to the Matterhorn. Well worth a look-in. view here

This video takes the view on the famous Gaute Route running here from Zermatt to Chamonix. This particular excursion takes 5 days covers 54 miles and three countries. The video shots are notable for their incredible beauty as well as physical and mental challenges, Wisely there is no comment just music and some subtitles. Both skiing and snowboarding is featured,
View here


Austria Travel Video

What a great video for those contemplating their first trip to Austria Covering all from meals to mountains, this video is chock full of information for the first time traveler. It illustrates Austria ’s lakes and mountains, activities and even has suggestions on what type of accommodation is best.
View here


Austrian Salzburg Video

No I won’t tell you that a certain movie made this famous city world renowned. Perhaps it was Mozart, the famous composer or again perhaps it was just the sheer beauty of the surrounds.  Remember the hills are alive and all that. Whatever; Salzburg is full of places to see and things to do and this video will provide you with a good idea of what’s on tap. View here.


Veldon on Worthersee Austria Video

In a related story I likened this magnificently beautiful region to Italy , such was the laid back atmosphere. In the video we discovered for you the narrator describes the atmosphere as Mediterranean. That’ll do. In any event this video provides a fantastic idea of one of Europe’s most magnificent lakes and mountains regions. View here.


Vienna Austria Video

Trying to describe this amazing modern but historical city is difficult but the video featured here sure makes life a bit easier. There is a world of difference in Vienna and most of the rest of Austria . Possibly the video featured here does not express that, but it does tell you what to see and do in this most famous of European cities.
View here


Innsbruck Tirol Austria Video

Ah Innsbruck the capital of the Austrian Tirol. What a place for culture! What a base for mountain sports! Innsbruck has a lot to offer on its own, but when you combine it with its surrounding holiday villages it is a humdinger of a place to see. The video takes in all seasons and most nearby locations and activities. Although this video is on the long side it is well worth viewing if you are planning a visit. View here


Aosta, Courmayeur videos
These are presented by the Aosta Valley Tourism board and will provide you with a very good idea of the astounding variety of sports available in the mountainous Aosta Valley region. View here

Chamonix Mont-Blanc and Valley

Italian Casino Video
In the Aosta Valley in the town of St. Vincent there is one of Europe ’s most sophisticated casinos. The Casino St Vincent has just about every popular game there is. Whilst the video is in Italian it provides a good overview of what the visiting punter might play. Baby need a new pair of shoes anyone?
View here

Walking tours in Italy’s Aosta Valley

Fantastic is a word I would use for this stunner. It shows all kinds of walking possibilities in the mountain ranges towering over the Aosta Valley. Destinations featured are Courmayeur, Mont Blanc, Gressoney, Monte Rosa, and Champochet. This video is also in Italian and even if you do not understand the language you will get the message. View here


Grab some air in Italy’s Aosta Valley

This Italian speaking video has it all, and really, no commentary is needed. Balooning, gliding, hang gliding, freefall parachuting, no matter what your love of air excitement is, this video probably features it. View here


Italy”s Sud Tirol Video

This one is in German which is about right as that is the language of the Sud Tirol. Did you know that before the First World War it was part of Austria ? Now you do. Seeing this video which lasts just under a minute will illustrate the beauty of this part of Italy and give you a small idea of the majestic stature of the Italian Domomite mountain range.
View here


Solvenia Videos
This little country has it all  and they don't mind showing it to you. Golf, gambling, climbing, culture, well you get the picture. Now get the moving picture at 
View here


Thailand Travel Videos

Going to Samui Island Thailand?
This great video bt Travelago provides much information about the popular south Thailand destination. History, culture and sightseeing are all included. View here


Monaco Travel Video
Well this one has it all, every sport imaginable from formula one to sailing to tennis to paragliding, well you get the picture. And the best news is there's no commentary in any language. The video tells the story and puts you in the picture. Short it ain't at around 5 minutes but its worth it. Besides the sporting activities this video has culture, scenery and history. View here.

Cote D' Azures Travel Video
The French Rivera really needs no introduction does it? Here is a reasonable short video that will give you some idea of what's in store for mere mortal visitors, the ones like you and me. This video in - oh so soft German - tells you much about the different stops along the world famous Rivera. This video uses up its full 3 minutes visiting each city and its heavenly bodies as you go. Monaco, Nice, Cannes all are represented. Not going? Watch the video and say you are.  View here.

Mont Blanc Video

This is a video edition of an ultra marathon around the massif Mont Blanc . What a stunning and professionally prepared work it is! Fifteen hundred competitors entered this competition. A total of 155 kms was covered over three countries, France, Italy and Switzerland. The eventual sinner was  Vincent Delebarre and it took him a grueling 21 hours. Your big plus is that you get to see the beauty and majesty of Europe’s highest mountain close up. View here.


Just for Fun Videos


This land is your land musical parody video
Well we had to throw a bit of satire into the mix didn't we? Here we take an old favorite Jib Jab Video of President Bush and then presidential contender John Kerry for your funny viewing. Hope you like it. View here

What we call the news
Another newer funny video from the folks at Jib Jab. It portrays in music the awful recitation of the 24 hour news channels we are often forced to watch. Great laughs on the serious side. View here

Bear Mountain Videos
We are going to direct you to this page as the folks at Bear Mountain in the USA have a nice little selection of videos for you to choose from. One, without comment shows an aerial view of the whole mountain region. Two of the others are quite lively and feature snowboarding, no comment and what I can only describe as young people's music in the background. The fourth seems to be a rehash of last winter. Again snowboarding. Do they allow skiers here? View here

Copper Mountain Videos
This resort too has a selection of videos that you can choose from. You can choose from a selection of skiing, snowboarding and partying. Once again we are going to just direct you to their video page and let you make your own selection or selections. There is a nice choice between bloopers, partying, family activities and others. Go on, fill your boots. View here.



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